Why It’s Important to Get Dental Treatment Right When You’re Diagnosed

April 26, 2016

There are many reasons for not getting dental treatments right after being diagnosed. Many people feel too busy and figure they’ll put off the procedure until it’s absolutely necessary. Others may be nervous about getting a tooth capped or a cavity filled. Still others may have extenuating circumstances, such as a sick parent or a newborn child, and dental appointments simply fall by the wayside.

What Happens If I Wait to Get Dental Treatment?

It’s easy to make excuses, but the truth is, it’s absolutely essential to get your procedure done as soon as possible after being diagnosed. Waiting to get dental treatments can lead to a host of problems, including infection, tooth loss or even serious health concerns.

Have you been putting off a procedure? Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t wait:

  1. You Could Suffer Complications

The longer you wait to get something treated, the more serious it becomes. What began as a small cavity that was barely perceptible on X-rays can quickly grow into a major hole requiring a large filling. Ultimately, that will lead to greater time and expense than if you’d just made the appointment immediately.

  1. You Run the Risk of Not Getting Dental Care You Prefer

If you put off getting treatment, your problem may grow worse. Eventually, it could turn into an emergency situation, and you’ll be rushing to see whatever dentist you can reach in a short period of time. That lack of choice can be frustrating, especially since you could have taken care of the problem with your regular dentist during regular hours.

  1. You Incur Added Expenses

When you require emergency treatment or need to be squeezed in to see the dentist for a procedure after hours, you usually have to pay extra for the special treatment. No one likes to do that!

  1. You Could Develop Poor Dental Hygiene

When you need a dental procedure, chances are it hurts or is a bit uncomfortable somewhere in your mouth. That can impact your dental hygiene. You may stop flossing because it’s painful to floss between two teeth with cavities. Or you may stop brushing because your inflamed gums keep bleeding and getting sore.

  1. You Will Be in Pain

Having a problem with your mouth just plain hurts. The risk of not getting dental procedures when you need them is that you may develop pain, especially if you need something as serious as a root canal. Every meal will become torturous, and even talking could cause discomfort. That’s no way to live.

Set Your Appointment Right Away

Don’t catch yourself wondering, “What happens if I wait to get a root canal or other major dental procedure?” Schedule your appointment right away and avoid the problems that could occur later. Contact AZ Family Dental today to set up your procedure.

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