Chipped Tooth Repair - Phoenix

Treating Damaged Teeth Effectively & Efficiently

The enamel (outer layer of the tooth) is the hardest tissue in the body — yet it’s not unbreakable. Serious falls, blows to the face, and other types of traumas to your tooth can cause a chip or break. If you have a chipped or broken tooth, you can trust that the AZ Family Dental team is here for you and can address this highly common dental emergency quickly and efficiently.

The dentists and staff at AZ Family Dental strive to treat each patient like family while offering the most advanced, professional services. Chipping a tooth is a stressful situation, but with our exceptional care and compassionate reassurance, we can help put your mind at ease. After over 40 years of serving the Greater Phoenix area, we have helped countless patients regain their confidence and full function after chipping a tooth.

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How to Determine if Your Broken Tooth is an Emergency

A chipped tooth happens when a tooth breaks above the gumline and a portion of the outer enamel becomes completely separated. This type of fracture often results from trauma or an impact on the face near the mouth.

While small chips involving only your tooth’s enamel pose the least risk of potential tooth loss, you should still see the dentists at AZ Family Dental as soon as possible to assess the injury. A broken, chipped, or fractured tooth can impact the appearance of your smile, and it could become further damaged or infected, potentially leading to tooth loss. Chips can also create sharp edges that cause discomfort.

During your emergency dental appointment, our dentist will take a series of X-rays and evaluate your chipped tooth to rule out additional injury beyond what is visible. Additional appointments may be needed to restore your damaged tooth to its natural appearance and function.

Chipped, Broken, or Cracked Tooth Repair Services at AZ Family Dental

At AZ Family Dental, we offer several treatment options for a chipped or broken tooth, depending on how severely it is damaged. Before proceeding, our dentist will explain everything, so you understand what your treatment entails. Small chips can often be repaired in one office visit. A severely broken tooth may require additional care. Here are some repair services we offer for a chipped, broken, or cracked tooth:

  • Dental filling: A filling can repair small chips in the tooth’s enamel.
  • Dental bonding: Small chips, especially those on the front teeth, may require dental bonding. Composite resin is pliable and can be shaped by one of our dentists to fill the chip.
  • Dental cap or crown: Large chips, especially those causing discomfort, may require a dental cap or crown that fits over the entire tooth.
  • Root canal therapy: If the entire crown is broken off, but the root remains, our dentist can perform root canal therapy. They can place a post in the canal and build up enough structure onto which our dentist can place a dental crown.

Frequently Asked Questions for Chipped Tooth Repair

Why did my tooth chip so easily?

Brittle, weak teeth are much more vulnerable to chipping. If you practice poor oral hygiene, bacteria and decay will develop over time, weakening the tooth’s enamel and overall structure. An unhealthy diet of sugar and carbohydrates also wears down the protective enamel and weakens teeth.

How do you fix a small chip in your front tooth?

You must schedule a dental appointment to fix a chipped tooth. Our dentists recommend a crown, veneer, or gluing the piece back on, depending on the size of the chip.

Is it okay to leave a chipped tooth?

A chipped tooth is more vulnerable to infection and leaving it untreated can severely damage its structural integrity. The longest you should leave a chipped tooth in its current state is the time between the event and your scheduled dentist appointment.

Can a dentist fix a very small, chipped tooth?

Yes, the smaller a chip is, the easier it is to repair. For chips that don’t reach the tooth’s enamel, our dentists can use a filing tool to smooth and even out the tooth.

How serious is a small tooth chip?

Even the most minor chips have the potential to cut your tongue or inner cheeks if they’re sharp enough. The exposure also causes sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks and a risk of infection. Regardless of the size of the tooth chip, you should contact us for a repair.