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New Teeth, New Smile

Dentures are constructed to replace missing teeth and soft tissue structures. The denture rests on either the upper or lower arch of the jaw. Likewise, dentures are removable and resemble natural teeth and tissue closely. Dentures substitute not only lost teeth but also missing soft tissue in your mouth that can make it difficult to speak clearly and eat.

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What Are Full Dentures?

Full or complete dentures are made to replace all of the teeth of one arch. They are constructed using plastic materials like acrylic resin that make them very durable, and you may anticipate your custom dentures lasting many years.

Benefits of Wearing Dentures

Using dentures to replace missing teeth prevents atrophy of your gums, restores proper chewing and speaking abilities, and reduces loss of jawbone density. Although one, two, or three missing teeth can be replaced using dental implants, full or partial dentures are needed when numerous teeth have been lost due to disease or trauma.

Custom Affordable Dentures

So many variables go into the creation of our full dentures. We use the latest dental technology in our services, which helps us provide you with the most realistic-looking dentures. Of course, you want dentures that don’t just look good but also work well and allow you to bite and chew the way you did with your real teeth.

Full dentures can help with all of the above.

We take into account specific variables of dentures, including:

The Texture of the Gums: You want the dentures to look as natural as possible. Adding bumps or small vein-like details can increase their resemblance to natural gumlines.

Gum Shades: You can discuss different custom denture options to mimic your own gum color.

Ridging: You can ask about ridging to make the dentures resemble the distinctive ridges of the upper gum, which are critical to how you pronounce words and move your food as you chew.

These details can make a difference in how comfortable you are with the end product. Our goal is to create a natural and comfortable fit and to make the transition easier for you. Giving each patient the customization they desire will achieve this important goal.

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Why Are Complete Dentures a Smart Choice to Address the Missing Teeth in Your Mouth?

We make our custom dentures to fit your mouth’s unique structure and needs. Getting custom dentures from AZ Family Dental ensures that:

  • You get a pair that fits your mouth correctly: We’ll size them to ensure they provide a snug yet comfortable fit.
  • You have input on the process: You can talk to us about how the dentures feel as we fit them, which allows you to point out any problems or concerns.
  • You receive natural-looking dentures: Customizing the dentures to your bite style and mouth size makes them appear more natural.

AZ Family Dental accepts all traditional indemnity insurance and is contracted as a preferred provider for many PPOs. We also take all other PPOs as an out-of-network provider.

We also offer payment plans through Cherry that make the cost of dentures more reasonable with manageable monthly payments.

Frequently Asked Questions for Custom Dentures

How do we make partial dentures?

We customize our removable partial dentures to your mouth for the best fit. We measure your mouth and take impressions of it, which we then give to the laboratory to make dentures that match the size and layout you need.

When the dentures are ready, you’ll come back to try them on, and we can make any adjustments you need for the most comfortable fit. It may take a few sessions to complete the entire process of creating and fitting the dentures.

What is the difference between custom dentures and regular dentures?

Custom dentures use more expensive teeth material to create a more natural appearance when you smile. Regular dentures work the same way to replace missing teeth, but they don’t focus on your smile and may appear less natural.

Where can I get a set of dentures made?

Prosthodontists create custom and regular dentures that can be supplied to you through our general dentists. Our dentists and clinical dental technicians can make and fit your dentures into your mouth.

What are the most realistic-looking dentures?

Custom porcelain dentures are the most realistic and natural-looking. Porcelain is much more durable against daily wear and tear compared to acrylic. The custom portion fits the dentures to your smile to give a realistic appearance that accentuates your natural expressions rather than hindering them.

Are Snap-On dentures any good?

Snap-on dentures have grown more popular over the years, but it’s unlikely they’ll replace traditional dentures. They’re less durable and aren’t a permanent solution. Like most dentures, you must take them out while sleeping and put them through a special cleaning process.

Can you sleep with dentures?

Regardless of the type of dentures, including both removable and permanent dentures, you should always take them out while sleeping. Sleeping in dentures reduces saliva flow, allowing more plaque and bacteria to build up and cause a gum infection. Likewise, dentures will naturally deteriorate over time, and sleeping in them can accelerate their wear and tear.

How many teeth must be missing for dentures?

Full dentures are designed to replace all teeth, either on your upper or lower arch. You cannot have any teeth remaining for full dentures to attach correctly, which may require teeth extractions for some.

No minimum number of teeth is required for partial dentures, but you do need healthy teeth as support anchors for the dentures on both sides of the hole needing to be filled. So long as there are some remaining teeth, you should be a good candidate for partial dentures.

What happens if you have no gums for dentures?

Having enough gum volume is essential to allow for proper denture fitting and functionality. Without this, your dentures may be unstable and uncomfortable, making it difficult to chew or talk.

What can happen if you never take your dentures out?

It’s important to remove your dentures for proper care and daily cleaning using a denture cleanser. Otherwise, you risk the build-up of bacteria, staining, and discoloration, which can affect not only your dentures but also your gums and remaining teeth.