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Greater Protection for Damaged Smiles

A dental crown is constructed to restore a tooth to its original size and shape following extensive dental treatment like a root canal or extraction, advanced tooth decay removal, or a broken tooth. Crowns can be made out of several types of materials. Porcelain dental crowns, in particular, are very durable and are popular among dental patients because they can be made to resemble the natural tooth.

When they need dental crowns, Greater Phoenix, AZ, residents come to AZ Family Dental.

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Crowns Are Used for the Following Reasons:

  • Decayed, broken, or cracked teeth will need dental caps or crowns to restore form, function, and aesthetics.
  • A tooth that has received root canal treatment will need a crown to protect the tooth from possible fracture.
  • Large fillings are prone to failure, so crowns are often placed instead.

Crown placement:

The procedure for placing a crown usually requires two appointments:

  • The first appointment includes taking diagnostic models of your tooth to prepare for the construction of the final crown. At the same appointment, one of our dentists will numb and prepare the tooth by removing decay and creating the ideal surface for your future crown. While the laboratory constructs your future crown, you will be fitted with a temporary crown.
  • At the second appointment, which is generally scheduled two weeks after the first appointment, the temporary crown is removed, and the custom crown is tried on to verify fit. At this point, our dentists will make any necessary adjustments and permanently cement the crown in place.

However, AZ Family Dental now offers same-day crowns! Learn more about CEREC crowns to see if they’re right for you.

Following each visit to one of our Greater Phoenix area offices, you will receive home care instructions for how to best care for your new porcelain dental caps. Remember, regular dental visits combined with good eating habits and oral hygiene help lengthen the life of your crown and even prevent you from needing additional dental crowns in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dental Crowns & Dental Caps

How long do crowns last on teeth?

The average lifespan of dental crowns is between 5 to 15 years. Damage or wear and tear will depend on your lifestyle and how well you care for your teeth (diet, oral hygiene, etc.). Most of the time, your crown can remain in your mouth until there’s an issue.

Is it painful to get a crown?

One of our dentists will apply an anesthetic to the tooth and its surrounding tissue during the procedure. This numbs the area to make for a painless process. You will likely experience discomfort and soreness following the procedure as your anesthesia wears off, but this is short-lived and temporary.

How much tooth is needed for a crown?

Crowns typically require at least a fourth or 2mm of natural tooth material to attach properly. Once a tooth has deteriorated to a certain point, our dentist must perform a root canal to fill the space before placing the crown.

Can you put a crown on a decayed tooth?

A crown should be possible as long as there’s at least 2mm of a healthy tooth. If a tooth is significantly decayed and has little to no space for a crown, it may not be capable of being saved.

What’s the difference between a cap and a crown?

The terms “dental cap” and “dental crown” are interchangeable. Dental crowns are usually called dental caps by older generations because “dental crown” is a newer term.