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Generating Straighter Smiles Without Metal Braces

AZ Family Dental is committed to providing high-quality dental care for everyone in the family. We love helping people create the beautiful, natural smiles they’ve always wanted through the latest technology. With our 40+ years of experience in the Greater Phoenix area, our well-trained staff can care for your dental needs.

One way we help patients find their beautiful smiles is through clear aligners.

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Why Get Clear Aligners?

As a long-time, trusted practice in the Phoenix area, we have worked with many people with various dental needs and wants. We understand the dental pains people go through, and we know how to help individuals overcome those pains to enjoy long-lasting good oral health. There are many ways to encourage healthy teeth, one being clear aligners.

Aligners work similarly to braces in that they help your teeth move into the correct places. In addition to keeping your teeth healthy, clear aligners can help your gums and even your jaw joints stay in perfect working condition. They can:

  • Improve your bite.
  • Create proper alignment.
  • Ensure healthy gums.
  • Improve oral hygiene.
  • Prevent teeth crowding.
  • Correct teeth gaps.

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Invisalign is a specific brand of clear aligners trusted for its effectiveness, so you can trust our clear aligner treatments will be like any other Invisalign treatments in Arizona.

AZ Family Dental’s Orthodontic Treatment

While clear aligners serve a similar purpose to braces, they differ in how they work with your teeth. Custom-fit, removable aligners will gradually straighten your teeth. Once your eligibility has been approved, one of our dentists will use a digital scanner to create a custom treatment plan for your specific situation.

You will wear a series of aligners for several months, usually swapping them out for a new set every couple of weeks. For the best results, you will need to keep the aligners in for at least 22 hours a day. The aligners have a subtle and gentle approach to straightening teeth that is immensely effective.

The Best Clear Aligners in Arizona

The benefits of clear aligners are extensive:

  • Keep a regular daily routine: You can easily carry on with your day-to-day activities with clear aligners. They are easy to care for, and they allow you to keep up with various activities like sports or playing an instrument.
  • Eat any food: Aligners are easy to remove before any meal or snack, meaning you can eat as much popcorn or sticky foods as you’d like.
  • Enjoy smooth edges: Clear aligners have smooth edges, preventing sores and cuts and making them comfortable to wear.
  • Relax with invisible alignment: The aligners are clear, making them subtle and generally unnoticeable.
  • Care for teeth easily: Brushing and flossing are simple with aligners. All you need to do is remove the aligners and continue your routine as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions for Orthodontics Care

What is considered orthodontic care?

Orthodontics focuses on the straightening, aligning, and gap-closing of teeth. Our orthodontic care treatments include braces, clear aligners, and removable retainers. These treatments can fix gaps, over/underbites, and twisted teeth.

What does orthodontic treatment do?

Our orthodontic treatments fix the aesthetics and functionality of your teeth. Orthodontics can improve the appearance of your teeth and biting pressure by straightening or moving teeth.

What are the different types of orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatments include metal braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign, headgear, retainers, expanders, elastics, and archwires. Each of these works to improve the appearance and function of your teeth.

What is the difference between dental and orthodontic treatment?

Dental treatment will focus on the health of the gums, teeth, bones, and nerves, whereas orthodontic treatment focuses on straightening teeth. This includes closing gaps, correcting over/underbites, and helping your teeth come into contact with one another.

What are the types of early orthodontic treatment?

Early orthodontics includes expansions, growth modification, excretions, and ceasing thumb-sucking habits. These can prevent later orthodontic complications in the future.