Toothaches - Phoenix

Addressing the Pain to Ensure Relief

Do you need a dentist for toothache pain treatment in the Greater Phoenix area? At our dental practices, we see patients who have toothaches for a variety of reasons. In some cases, a change in barometric pressure triggers pain in a diseased tooth. A cracked tooth can expose the sensitive nerves within. Some of our patients have toothaches because of gum disease, cavities, infections, or weakened enamel (outer layer of the tooth).

If you need a toothache dentist in the Greater Phoenix area, AZ Family Dental can help. We will identify the cause of your tooth pain and find the proper treatment. With more than 40 years of history serving our community, you can count on us to relieve your discomfort.

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Toothache Treatment From AZ Family Dental

The experienced dentists at AZ Family Dental will find the root of your toothache problem to resolve it for good. We understand how to relieve your tooth pain and address the underlying problem. When you visit a trusted dental professional for tooth pain, you can lower your risk of future issues.

To diagnose your tooth pain, your AZ Family Dental dentist will ask you a few questions. They will want to know details such as when it started, its location, and the intensity of the pain. You may receive treatment the same day or come back during a follow-up visit. Whether you need to return depends on the necessary treatment to relieve your discomfort. The dentist can complete some procedures on the same day, while others require a separate visit.

Can You Help Me Prevent Future Toothaches?

At the end of your toothache treatment appointment, our dentist will give you instructions for at-home care. Patients with toothaches can reduce their risk of future pain by following the right habits. Practicing good oral hygiene along with visiting the dentist can keep your teeth healthy and prevent future issues. The dentist will also give you personalized advice based on the cause of your toothache.

During regular cleanings and checkups, one of our dentists will also check for developing cavities and other uncomfortable issues. We use X-rays and intraoral cameras to seal cavities and prevent the spread of germs. At AZ Family Dental, the dentists use composite fillings. Created with a blend of resins that resemble your original tooth, composite fillings have a realistic appearance. They also bond to your tooth for a durable result.

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