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Creating Space Within Your Mouth

In most situations, dentists consider teeth extraction the last course of action in treatment. However, we take a more proactive approach with patients who have wisdom teeth impaction. The dentists at AZ Family Dental perform extractions for patients who have wisdom teeth in any stage of development. If you have wisdom teeth that have or will have an abnormal eruption, we can help. Our wisdom tooth removal procedure in the Greater Phoenix, AZ, area will keep you living in comfort.

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What to Expect From Wisdom Tooth Extraction at AZ Family Dental

The methods used in the extraction of wisdom teeth depend on your circumstances. Patients who come to our practice for teeth removal have unique experiences with the procedure. Your AZ Family Dental dentist may perform a simple or surgical wisdom tooth extraction. In a simple extraction, they remove an erupted tooth by pulling it. Meanwhile, surgical removal involves removing bone and elevating gum tissue. During your procedure, you may receive conscious or unconscious sedation.

After your extraction, you might experience pain and swelling for a few days. Our dentist will give you instructions for at-home care after your surgery and schedule a follow-up appointment. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions at any point in your treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Wisdom Teeth Removal

How painful is wisdom teeth removal?

The procedure itself is virtually painless, but you’ll likely experience swelling and mild discomfort for a week following it. If you experience pain during the procedure, our dentist can apply more anesthetic to relieve the discomfort.

At what point do they remove wisdom teeth?

Our dentists will recommend wisdom teeth removal if there’s overcrowding or discomfort. If your wisdom teeth haven’t caused problems by the time you’re 25, then you’ll likely not need the procedure done because this is the point where your teeth stop growing.

Do they put you to sleep to remove wisdom teeth?

During wisdom teeth removal, one of our dentists will apply general anesthesia that will either fully numb your mouth or render you unconscious. Even if you’re fully awake during the procedure, you won’t feel any pain due to the anesthesia.

Are there risks to wisdom teeth removal?

Like any oral surgery, wisdom teeth removal comes with risks, but they are low, and it’s a safe procedure overall. Some risks include damaged nerves and blood vessels that can lead to bleeding and temporary numbness of the tongue or face. In rare cases, infection can occur, leading to permanent numbing or damage to surrounding teeth.

How long will it take to recover from wisdom teeth removal?

Wisdom teeth removal is a minimally invasive procedure with quick recovery time. It typically takes around one to two weeks to recover fully. That said, you should be able to return to your regular living routines within three to five days.