AZ Family Dental’s Dr. Parker Receives ICOI Fellowship Program Award

December 2, 2016

A member of the Arizona Dental Association, American Dental Association, American Association of Endodontists and the Academy of General Dentistry, Dr. Matthew Parker is proud to be the recipient of a prestigious Fellowship award presented by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). Standards of the ICOI Fellow designation program require award recipients of the highest caliber, involving proof of extensive experience in completing implant procedures, restoration of implants and/or fabricating implant prostheses.

About the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)

Established in 1971 as a non-profit dental implant education organization, the ICOI assists dentists in continuously advancing their knowledge of implant dentistry by supporting numerous international and U.S. symposiums annually. In addition, the ICOI also sponsors a U.S. and World Congress meeting each year to present recent prosthodontic and surgical implant issues demanding the most attention. Dr. Parker and other members of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists also receive publications intended to improve their professional practices while keeping them updated on cutting-edge clinical and research discoveries in the field of dental implantology.

Advanced ICOI Recognition Programs

Credentialing programs recognized by the ICOI include the ICOI Diplomate status, the IPS Mastership status and the ICOI Fellowship status. Members participating in one or more of these programs must satisfy certain requirements before receiving their awards, including completing oral interviews, taking written examinations, providing documentation of successfully finishing implant instruction and reviewing their dental implantation cases.

Fellowship requirements satisfied by Dr. Parker include the following:

  • Listing of 20 completed dental implant cases and/or listing of 10 surgery and restoration implant cases that must be one year old or older
  • Documentation proving completion of at least 75 hours of dental implant education in the past five years (online or in-person coursework)
  • Letter of recommendation from any current ICOI Diplomate, IPS Master, ICOI Fellow or from a member of the ICOI Advanced Credentials Committee.

As an award recipient, Dr. Parker must attend one or more IPS/ICOI co-sponsored or sponsored meeting every three years. He must also accumulate at least 75 hours of dental implant education in five years after receiving his ICOI Fellowship award.

What Having ICOI Certification Means for AZ Family Dental Patients

ICOI Fellows are committed to raising the bar not only for their own practice and services, but for the implant dentistry industry worldwide. As an award recipient, Dr. Parker is now recognized as a highly-qualified implant dentistry practitioner.

Because of his determination to provide excellent implant dentistry services to patients and commitment to establishing himself as an expert in the field, Dr. Parker’s skills make AZ Family Dental among the top dental practices in the Phoenix region.

If you are looking for a highly-qualified and well-recognized implant dentist’s office in Arizona, AZ Family Dental could be just the place for you. With a friendly staff that cares about making patients’ care and comfort a priority, AZ Family Dental provides a range of services that you can trust to meet your dental needs.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Parker, please call AZ Family Dental today at (623) 939-6574.

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