Dental Services

AZ Family Dental has been a premier provider of general dentistry services in the greater Phoenix area for more than 40 years. The dentist at our friendly, experienced practice provides a broad range of services, including preventative care, general dentistry, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, periodontal care, and dentures, as well as emergency dental care for Phoenix and surrounding areas. Let us serve you by providing your family with the best dental care possible.

General Dentistry

Sometimes, even the most conscientious among us need restorative services. AZ Family Dental provides one-visit CEREC crowns, composite fillings, root canal therapy, extractions, fixed bridges, and wisdom tooth removal services. We can help patients suffering from TMD and tooth pain as well as provide emergency oral care during off-hours. If you or your loved one experiences anxiety when visiting the dentist, we can help by providing sedation dentistry services that have our patients feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Preventative Care

The staff at AZ Family Dental in our greater Phoenix area offices provides attentive, gentle preventative care services to patients of all ages. From teaching your youngest how to brush her teeth to helping your older family members maintain a healthier set of teeth and gums, we will clean, examine, and protect your family’s healthy smiles for years to come, including applying sealants and fluoride treatments.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Nothing says confidence like a beautiful, healthy smile, and AZ Family Dental is proud to provide a range of cosmetic dentistry services in Phoenix and nearby neighborhoods. From in-office and at-home teeth whitening to veneers, crowns, and bridges, you’ll feel better when you look your very best.

Removable Dentistry

The dentist at AZ Family Dental has helped many older patients maintain a more youthful appearance with both custom and partial dentures. Our dentures, which may replace some or all of the teeth and soft surrounding tissue in your mouth, will last for years with proper care.

Periodontal Care

When it comes to maintaining oral health, the condition of the gums is often a leading indicator of potential future problems. Our periodontal care team will help your gums stay healthy with in-office procedures such as scaling and root planing. We will also teach you how to better maintain your gums with proper at-home care.

Tooth Replacement

Dental replacement does more than just enhance your smile; they also perform a variety of important functions inside your mouth. The dentist at AZ Family Dental will expertly assess and fit you with an implant, bridge, crown, or cap that will have you eating — and smiling — much more comfortably. More Information

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AZ Family Dental is well known in the greater Phoenix area for providing its patients with expert, gentle general dentistry services. Call us today to schedule an appointment, and let us serve as your Phoenix family dentist for many years to come.