How to Pull a Loose Tooth

July 28, 2020

Around the age of six or seven, most children will begin losing their baby teeth. These temporary teeth should become loose and fall out on their own as the roots begin to dissolve naturally. As a parent, you may be wondering when and how to help pull these loose teeth in order to get the process over more quickly. Your expert team at AZ Family Dental is here to help. 

With years of specialized dental experience and a staff of highly trained dentists, we can offer insight into the ins and outs of pulling loose baby teeth.

How to Know When to Pull a Loose Tooth

Generally, we recommend that parents allow loose baby teeth to fall out naturally. It may be tempting to give a loose tooth an extra tug, but forced extraction can cause unnecessary pain, as it tugs on roots that aren’t quite ready to let go. When children feel a baby tooth start to wiggle, it’s best to let it fall out on its own.

There may be times when it’s helpful to pull a loose baby tooth. If the tooth is extremely loose and beginning to dangle from the socket, it’s often best to pull it out and avoid the risk of swallowing it.

Wondering if you should pull a loose tooth? Apply a little bit of pressure to the tooth and ask your child if they feel any pain. Discomfort usually means the roots haven’t dissolved properly. If they don’t feel any pain, you or your dentist can give it some extra help.

How to Pull a Baby Tooth Safely

There are many popular stories about pulling a loose tooth, from grabbing the pliers to tying it with string and giving the tooth a good tug. These methods are not advisable. They could cause excessive bleeding, unnecessary pain, and tissue damage.

The safest way will always be the most natural. Encourage your child to wiggle their tooth gently and brush their teeth more frequently to help speed up the process.

Once you feel the tooth is loose enough to come out easily, you can follow these steps:

  • Wash your hands and gently wiggle the tooth with a clean tissue.
  • Twist the tooth lightly until it pops out.
  • Apply pressure to any bleeding with a clean gauze pad.
  • Double-check the area to make sure there aren’t any tooth fragments left in the gum.

If you’re unsure how to handle a loose tooth or your child feels any significant residual pain after pulling it, schedule an appointment with your dentist right away.

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