Teeth Whitening Treatment

At AZ Family Dental, many of our patients from the greater Phoenix, AZ area want whiter teeth. Because of the growing trend for brighter smiles, the dentists at our practice have cutting-edge techniques for teeth whitening. Our professional whitening services offer a safe and effective alternative to at-home kits and toothpaste. Learn how we can maintain your dental health while making your smile brighter.

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The Benefits of Professional Whitening

The dentists at our office offer take-home whitening kits. These treatments let you get professional-quality whitening at home with a professional’s supervision. When you receive at-home whitening from a dental professional, you benefit from:

  • Professional guidance: Your dentist will monitor your teeth and mouth for any discomfort that happens during treatment. They can check for sensitivity as you use your tray.
  • Personalized tray design: A custom, take-home whitening tray has a shape designed for your mouth structure. The unique design keeps the whitening agent on your teeth and away from your gums.
  • Increased comfort: When a whitening agent gets in contact with your teeth, it can make them more sensitive. The dentist will help you manage any potential sensitivity and give you advice if you already have sensitive teeth.

In addition to helping you whiten your teeth, the dentists at AZ Family Dental can provide dental treatments and regular checkups. We offer comprehensive general dentistry services for the entire family.

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I absolutely love this dental office. The staff is beyond exceptional, the dentists are great and I always feel valued.

Nikki, Glendale

As a new patient, I felt welcomed and very much cared for by the staff of AZ Family Dental. Dr. Parker explained thoroughly my dental problems that need to be addressed and were clear as to how the procedure goes. I have never felt more comfortable while being at the dentist while I was getting my procedures done. Thank you everyone for taking good care of me!

Zea P, Glendale

One of the best experiences I’ve had at a dentist! Everyone is very warm and welcoming. Dr. V and Diana explained everything throughly as they went so there were no surprises!

Sharon Rose Scataglini, Cave Creek

We are so grateful to have such a wonderful team to help care for me and my children’s dental health! My kiddos who are still quite young were relaxed and happy to sit in the chair, and it helped a lot that the dental assistants and office management were so accommodating. Dr. Vacanti, Diana and Linday are among the very best! We are grateful to you!

Alexandra Bower, Cave Creek

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AZ Family Dental Teeth Whitening in Greater Phoenix, AZ Area

When you come to us for professional whitening, you will make two visits to our office. During your first appointment, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth that they will use for your custom tray. When you return for your second visit, you and the dentist will check the tray’s fit. You will then take the tray and a special whitening agent home with you.

You will wear your whitening tray for a set amount of time every day. Your whitening schedule will depend on how much you want to brighten your teeth and your dental health. It can take a few days to a few weeks to reach your desired level of whiteness. The dentist will tell you how long to maintain your whitening regimen. As you use your tray, you may experience some sensitivity that goes away after treatment. Let the dentist know if you have sensitive teeth that become uncomfortable.

Why Do Patients Whiten Their Teeth?

Our patients request teeth whitening for a variety of reasons. Some patients have staining due to food and drink such as coffee, tea, and acidic foods. In other cases, prescription medications like tetracycline cause discoloration. When certain patients have too much fluoride during tooth development, they can develop fluorosis, or discolored spots on the teeth. You might have a different reason for needing whiter teeth, but the dentist will explore the best options with you.

Let Us Help You Get a Brighter Smile

With over 40 years of experience serving the greater Phoenix, AZ community, we understand how to give our patients quality care. The dentists at AZ Family Dental can give you the smile you want and keep your teeth healthy. You may request an appointment by calling 623-939-6574 or using our website contact form.