Wisdom Teeth Removal

In most situations, dentists consider teeth extraction the last course of action in treatment. However, we take a more proactive approach with patients who have wisdom teeth impaction. The dentists at AZ Family Dental perform extractions for patients who have wisdom teeth in any stage of development. If you have wisdom teeth that have or will have an abnormal eruption, we can help. Our wisdom tooth removal procedure in the greater Phoenix, AZ area will keep you living in comfort.


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What to Expect From Wisdom Tooth Extraction at AZ Family Dental

The methods used in the extraction of wisdom teeth depend on your circumstances. Patients who come to our practice for removal have unique experiences with the procedure. Your AZ Family Dental dentist may perform a simple or surgical wisdom tooth extraction. In a simple extraction, they remove an erupted tooth by pulling it. Meanwhile, a surgical removal involves removing bone and elevating gum tissue. During your procedure, you may receive conscious or unconscious sedation.

After your extraction, you might experience pain and swelling for a few days. The dentist will give you instructions for at-home care after your surgery and schedule a follow-up appointment. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions at any point in your treatment.

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I absolutely love this dental office. The staff is beyond exceptional, the dentists are great and I always feel valued.

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As a new patient, I felt welcomed and very much cared for by the staff of AZ Family Dental. Dr. Parker explained thoroughly my dental problems that need to be addressed and were clear as to how the procedure goes. I have never felt more comfortable while being at the dentist while I was getting my procedures done. Thank you everyone for taking good care of me!

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One of the best experiences I’ve had at a dentist! Everyone is very warm and welcoming. Dr. V and Diana explained everything throughly as they went so there were no surprises!

Sharon Rose Scataglini, Cave Creek

We are so grateful to have such a wonderful team to help care for me and my children’s dental health! My kiddos who are still quite young were relaxed and happy to sit in the chair, and it helped a lot that the dental assistants and office management were so accommodating. Dr. Vacanti, Diana and Linday are among the very best! We are grateful to you!

Alexandra Bower, Cave Creek

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Wisdom Tooth Removal Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about wisdom teeth extraction from our patients in the Phoenix area. We’ve put together an FAQ to answer some of them. You can use this guide as a reference, but we also invite you to ask us any questions you may still be unclear about.

1. What are Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth, the third set of molars in our mouths, emerge during the teen or young adult years. Most people need wisdom teeth removal because their wisdom teeth don’t have the room required for proper eruption. As a result, the wisdom teeth fail to break through the gums. They grow in at an abnormal angle and cause discomfort or dental issues. Extracting the wisdom teeth relieves the symptoms caused after eruption or prevents them from happening.

2. How Do I Know If I Need My Wisdom Teeth Out?

While some people don’t need a wisdom tooth extraction, many others do. Their wisdom teeth become impacted, or their mouths don’t have the necessary room. You might also need an extraction if you have one of these symptoms:

  • Development of an infection near your wisdom tooth
  • Decay in nearby teeth due to crowding
  • Formation of cysts near the wisdom teeth
  • A bite issue caused by the wisdom tooth’s position

If you think you have any of these issues, we encourage you to consult our office. You may have a problem related to your wisdom teeth or another cause.

3. Will It Hurt to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

You will not feel pain during the procedure. Whether we perform a surgical procedure or a simple extraction, you’ll have no pain. If you’re awake, you may feel pressure as we pull them out, but you won’t be uncomfortable. The sensations in your mouth will feel similar to when you get a cavity filled.

4. How Long Will I Need to Recover From Wisdom Tooth Removal?

The length of your recovery from a wisdom tooth removal depends on multiple factors. Impaction, infection, bruising, and swelling can all impact your recovery time in addition to any medical conditions that affect healing. Most patients can recover within a few days, while others need a longer period. We can provide any documentation required by your school or work.

5. Will the Hole in My Mouth Heal?

Yes, this hole will heal itself within the year, with the initial gap closing over a two- to four-week period. The area will first develop a scab. Then, gum tissue will cover it up. Six months down the road, it should be entirely healed, with the bone beneath repairing as well.

Why Get Wisdom Teeth Removal from AZ Family Dental?

Our dentists have the expertise needed to make your wisdom teeth removal as smooth as possible. With more than 40 years of history serving patients in the greater Phoenix area, we understand that some patients feel nervous. That’s why we provide reassurance during the entire process. We will explain what we’ll do, how long the procedure will take, and what you may feel throughout the process. Our caring hygienists talk to you beforehand, and the dentist will also comfort you before beginning.

If you have wisdom tooth pain, please call 623-777-2037 or our staff online to schedule an appointment with us.