Songs to Help Children With Brushing Their Teeth

December 5, 2022

Children should practice good dental hygiene habits from a young age so they can maintain a healthy routine as they grow and develop. Children may not always love brushing their teeth, but there are ways you can make the task more exciting and enjoyable for them.

Music is an excellent motivational tool that can lift your child’s mood as they dance and brush along to their favorite songs. To help your child enjoy caring for their teeth, we created a list of catchy tooth-brushing songs for kids.

Benefits of Music for Kids


Music can significantly boost a child’s language development, vocabulary and brain development. When you teach songs to your child, sing with them or encourage them to sing on their own, they pick up different sounds in words and song lyrics. They develop habits of listening carefully and focusing. Music puts people in a happy mood, and implementing music into your child’s daily routine is a great way to help them start and end their day on a positive note.

Why Music Can Help Your Kids Complete a Task

Completing certain tasks can be challenging for children, especially if they feel it’s boring. Music is an excellent way to make tasks more achievable for children due to its motivational effects. Music can increase motivation, improve an individual’s mood, and stimulate the brain, so fun songs can motivate your child to complete tasks and develop positive feelings around doing so.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that individuals should brush their teeth for at least two minutes, twice a day. Brushing for two minutes achieves adequate plaque removal to protect teeth from decay and cavities.

Children may find it difficult to determine when two minutes have passed on their own, so having something that indicates when they have achieved their goal can be helpful. While a timer can measure two minutes and let your child know when they can stop brushing, a song is a much more enjoyable way to count those two minutes.

Playing a fun song for your child while they brush their teeth will help them understand how long to brush so you can be sure they thoroughly clean their teeth. Listening to music will also entertain them and may even give your child a reason to look forward to brushing their teeth each day so they develop good oral hygiene routines.

Best Tooth-Brushing Songs for Kids

When your child brushes their teeth, some super simple songs can help them remember how to brush properly, brush for the right amount of time, and have fun while they do so. A good tooth-brushing song can be your child’s favorite song that best motivates them or a specific song about brushing teeth. To help your child learn proper tooth-brushing methods and have fun caring for their teeth, introduce them to the following tooth-brushing songs:

1. Brush Your Teeth

Super Simple Songs provides fun songs for kids with simple lyrics, catchy melodies, and adorable characters. The “Brush Your Teeth” song features lyrics that remind kids to brush up and down, from left to right, and around in circles. The tune is catchy and fun, emphasizing that brushing in the morning and at night every day helps brighten smiles and keep teeth white.

You can listen to the “Brush Your Teeth” song on Youtube or the Super Simple Songs website. You can also print fun coloring pages that feature monsters brushing their teeth to help your child get excited about brushing.

2. Brush Your Teeth (Finny the Shark)

Super Simple Songs also features the song “Brush Your Teeth (Finny the Shark),” which follows the tune of the popular children’s song “Baby Shark.” The beginning of the video features a friendly crab who shows viewers how to brush their teeth properly. 

Your child can follow along as various ocean creatures sing and brush their teeth. This song features fun and unique character voices with an upbeat melody, so your child is sure to have a fun time brushing along to it.

3. Elmo’s Brush-Your-Teeth Songs

Many children enjoy Elmo from the popular show Sesame Street. If your child is a fan of Elmo, you can play the following songs for them as they brush their teeth:

  • Brushy Brush Your Teeth“: This upbeat tooth-brushing song has a beat and melody similar to pop songs, and it teaches kids the importance of brushing every tooth.
  • If Elmo Had Teeth“: Elmo’s fun song, “If Elmo Had Teeth,” teaches children that brushing their teeth protects against decay.

4. Tooth Bugs Go Away 

Tooth Bugs Go Away” by The Singing Walrus is an upbeat song featuring fun characters. The lyrics refer to plaque as “tooth bugs” and teach kids that they can eliminate the “tooth bugs” by brushing their teeth each morning and evening. Play this song to help your child get excited to brush their teeth.

5. Silly Brushing Song (Brush ‘Em Up)

Laurie Berkner’s “Silly Brushing Song (Brush ‘Em Up)” is a cheerful song that kids can dance and brush along with. The lyrics teach kids about the entire tooth-brushing process with fun motions they can easily follow along with. This song will make your child look forward to brushing their teeth each day.

6. The Tooth Brushing Song by Blippi

The “Tooth Brushing Song” by Blippi teaches kids how to brush in circles, front and back, and side-to-side. It also emphasizes how it’s important to brush to eliminate germs and maintain a healthy smile. Your child will love brushing and dancing along to this enjoyable tune. 

7. This Is the Way We Brush Our Teeth

This Is the Way We Brush Our Teeth” by Little Baby Bum is to the tune of the classic children’s song, “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush.” With simple, memorable lyrics and a cheerful melody, this song is perfect for a tooth-brushing routine. Your child can brush along with the video, or you can sing and hum the song together as you both brush your teeth. 

8. The Tooth Brushing Song by Hey Duggee

The Tooth Brushing Song” by Hey Duggee features adorable animal characters, silly words and sounds, and a beat that’s fun to dance to. Playing this song is an excellent way to add some fun to your child’s dental hygiene routine. 

9. How to Brush Your Teeth

If your child loves dinosaurs, they will enjoy the song “How to Brush Your Teeth” by Moonbug Kids. In this song, a T. rex named ToothRex sings a funky tune that your child can groove to while they brush. The song’s fun lyrics teach children how to brush all sides of their teeth to achieve a clean smile. 


Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy at AZ Family Dental

Catchy tooth-brushing songs can help your child learn how to care for their teeth and have fun brushing every day. Keep your child’s teeth healthy and their smile shining brightly with preventive dental care at AZ Family Dental. At AZ Family Dental, your child will receive excellent care from professional, well-trained dentists. Contact us to request an appointment and provide your child with the best dental care possible.

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