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Dental Sealants

A dental sealant is a coating that prevents tooth decay. AZ Family Dental offers dental sealants for patients of all ages.

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Prevent Tooth Decay With Dental Sealants

Brushing and flossing remove most of the buildup that can cause tooth decay. However, some of the tighter spaces are hard to care for on your own. You can help keep your teeth clean between dental visits by choosing a tooth sealant.

A dental sealant is a thin plastic coating that is painted onto the top of each tooth, usually with a focus on the back teeth used for chewing. The coating forms to the teeth, creating a protective layer against food and plaque while still allowing the patient to chew normally. Dental sealants prevent decay-causing bacteria from accumulating by keeping food and plaque off the surfaces.

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Who Are Dental Sealants For?

Dental sealants are most common in younger patients whose adult teeth have come in. Adolescents are more likely to develop tooth decay, so sealants can ensure their teeth stay strong into adulthood. In most cases, we’ll provide sealants for permanent molars and premolars as soon as they erupt.

While most patients who receive dental sealants are children, we also seal teeth for adults. As an adult, you may be a candidate for dental sealants if your molars have little decay and are free of fillings.

Sealant Application

At AZ Dental, our sealant application process is quick and comfortable for the patient. We seal each tooth in a matter of minutes. During the process, we:

  • Clean each tooth that we’ll seal.
  • Dry each tooth, then apply cotton to keep them dry.
  • Administer an acidic solution to harden the chewing surfaces.
  • Rinse and dry each tooth after applying the acid.
  • Paint the sealant onto the enamel and allow it to set.

What Sets AZ Family Dental Apart

Whether it’s your teeth or your child’s, you expect the best from your dental care provider. At AZ Family Dental, we do what it takes to provide premier dental care while ensuring a welcoming experience for patients of all ages. Patients in and around Phoenix choose AZ Family Dental for our:

  • Experienced staff: From our doctors to our technicians and office staff, the entire AZ Family Dental team has the experience it takes to ensure every visit is a welcoming one.
  • Innovative dental technology: We back our dental services with the industry’s latest technology to improve patient outcomes.
  • Effective dental solutions: Our dental sealants and other decay prevention solutions help patients enjoy years of beautiful, healthy smiles.
  • Convenient locations: We have multiple offices in the Greater Phoenix area, so book an appointment at the location that fits your life.

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Dental sealants help prevent tooth decay, saving you or your child from extensive dental work in the future. The professionals at AZ Family Dental are ready to implement the best preventive care solution for your situation. We invite you to request an appointment online to visit one of our Phoenix offices and see if dental sealants are right for you.

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